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Personal Charcuterie & Cheese Boards

Acacia Wood (including handle)
Square - 6.125x4.125
Circle - 6x4
Rectangle - 8x4.25
Oval - 8x4.125

Approximately 7.75x5.625 (including handle)

A paddle-shaped mini board that is the perfect petite size for personal charcuterie spreads. Due to the characteristics of the acacia wood, exact sizes will vary so measurements are strictly approximate. The bamboo boards are more uniform.

Choose between our engraved design options, sizes, shapes, and woods. Looking for a custom design? We can do that too!

Personal Charcuterie & Cheese Board

  • Please expect natural variations in the colors, sizes, and shapes of any materials used as well as the color and consistency of the engraved portions if applicable. The finished item(s) you receive may vary slightly in appearance from the pictures shown online but each item is represented as accurately as possible.

    OUR STATEMENT ON BAMBOO Bamboo is a natural, organic, eco-friendly material in the grass family. But don't let that fool you, bamboo cutting boards are stronger than maple yet won't dull your knives and they're easy to clean! Bamboo can grow on lands and in conditions where other crops would struggle and it is a rapid growing material which makes it highly renewable and bountiful. And, before being harvested, bamboo plants absorb substantial amounts of carbon, making it a material that aids against climate change too!

    Because of these properties, we typically use and recommend bamboo products when applicable. However, if you are looking for other wood options, we CAN provide them.

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