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Offline payments of cash or check (local or in-person orders only)

LEAD TIMES Most items in our shop are made-on-demand, meaning we do not make the item until it has been ordered. Custom orders will have an extended lead time to allow for adjustments to or creating brand new drawing files. Due to this, lead times may vary. Please review the ribbons in the top left corner of the individual product listings for more information. In general, please allow up to 3 weeks for your item(s) to be created unless specified otherwise after checkout. Items on the "Ready To Ship" page do not have lead times

If you have any further questions about lead times or need a rush order, please contact us at

VARIATIONS Please expect natural variations in the colors, sizes, and shapes of any materials used, as well as the color and consistency of the engraved portions if applicable. The finished item(s) you receive may vary slightly in appearance from the pictures shown online but each item is represented as accurately as possible

INVENTORY With our varied and changing inventory, we may not be able to guarantee restocking certain items. If you would like to know about current or future availability, please send inquiries to us at

CARE To increase longevity, please avoid exposure to water, regular moisture, excessive heat and sunlight, and harsh chemicals (cleaning supplies, perfumes, hairsprays, etc.). Additional care instructions specific to a material may be included in the packaging with your purchased item(s) or on their respective product listing pages in our online shop

REPAIRS Sometimes materials have factory imperfections that cause unforeseeable damage not as a result of mishandling an item or normal wear and tear. Certain items in our shop may be repairable. If you are in need of a repair not caused due to mishandling or normal wear and tear, please contact us at

COPYRIGHT We take extreme pride in creating our own drawing files, sourcing a wide variety of materials and supplies, and assembling finished items with a professional designer's eye, careful thought, and meticulous care. We make every attempt to ensure that the items sold are not in violation of copyright or trademarked designs from any company or artist, and any similarities to items by other designers is strictly by coincidence. Likewise, we take having infringements on our original designs very seriously. If you have any comments or concerns on the matter of copyright, please reach out the contact form or by email at

FEEDBACK POLICY We put great effort and care into the work we do and the products we create that you see in our shop. We try our hardest to make your buying experience a pleasurable one. Please consider leaving feedback for us on our Facebook page if you were satisfied with your transaction. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy, we would appreciate that you contact us prior to leaving feedback so that we can have a chance to resolve any matters of concern

DISCOUNTS On occasion, we offer discounts, promotions, and coupon codes. Please note that, although we do our best to keep our customers and followers well-informed, these may be discontinued at any time without prior notice or when a new discount, promotion, or coupon code takes effect. At this time, no discounts, promotions, or coupon codes can be combined

ALLERGY WARNING We are the proud companions of fluffy friends. Although we try our best to prevent it, there’s always a distinct possibility that a stray hair (or twelve) may end up on/in an item or in the packaging. If you are allergic to or offended by cat hair or dander, please be aware prior to placing an order

In addition, some of our materials, such as metals and woods, and some of our finishes, such as stains and top coats, may contain allergens or irritants. If you are prone to allergic reactions, please take note and contact us if you have questions about any specific items or materials

TERMS & CONDITIONS AGREEMENT By placing an order with The Captain's Pineapple, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above and on the other pages of the shop. Thank you for your consideration!


Please direct questions and concerns to us at

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