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Shape or Text Cutout(s)
Plywood, MDF, Acrylic
1/8" or 1/4" thick
Maxmium size 21x13

What you need to know:
Some examples of things you can make with cutouts are wreath or sign elements, magnets, party/wedding favors, coasters, cake toppers, wall appliques, baby bedroom or baby shower decor, and much more!!

You choose any shape or text to be laser cut from a flat material of your choice. We recommend MDF (medium density fiberboard) for an economical option that takes paint fabulously. Depending on your desired usage, plywood or acrylic are better for certain situations such as producing a particular aesthetic or being in contact with food, moisture, or direct sunlight. We can help you determine which material works best for your needs.

The maxmium size for any given shape 21x13. There is more flexibilty for text if it's not a continuous image. We can cut almost any dimensions smaller than that. Standard thicknesses are 1/8" and 1/4" but we may be able to go thinner or thicker if requested.

No minimum quantities are required but bigger orders qualify for bigger discounts. The $10 baseline charge is for our time doing drawings and setting up for a custom cutout. If you've ordered cutouts from us before, we may be able to waive your fee.

To checkout, select a quantity of (1) of the items that most closely match your project, and please give us as much detail as possible - cutout shapes, text, fonts for text, sizes, quantities, materials, thicknesses, applications, etc - in the mandatory text field provided. Leave your email address so that we may contact you after reviewing your order parameters. Use code 'LOCAL' to remove the shipping charge which will be determined and invoiced after details and pricing are finalized.

We know this is a lot of information to absorb! Contact us at if you want to brainstorm or if you're not sure about something before placing an order!!

Shape or Text Cutout(s)

  • Please expect natural variations in the colors, sizes, and shapes of any materials used as well as the color and consistency of the engraved portions if applicable. The finished item(s) you receive may vary slightly in appearance from the pictures shown online but each item is represented as accurately as possible.

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